Frequently asked quesions
What is an accelerator?
The accelerator is a startup development program with the participation of experienced mentors. In a short time, determined by the acceleration program, mentors teach your team, help improve the product and bring it to a qualitatively new level.
Where are accelerators used?
Accelerators are used by large companies to gain access to innovations, ideas and teams, as well as to optimize business processes. In contradistinction from R&D centers that create innovations intracompany, accelerators attract external inventions and adapt them to company's needs.
Why do projects need an accelerator?
The project receives industry expertise, access to information and administrative resources of the organization. There is also an opportunity to communicate with major customers and representatives of the industry.
What is the difference between accelerator of our company and other accelerators?
The accelerator of the FAA "ROSDORNII" is a tool for industry's re-equipping. Our task is to search for and develop innovations in the road industry, support technological and scientific projects, innovative solutions, industry expertise.
Origins of accelerators
The history of the existence of business accelerators has been officially tracked since 2005. It was then that the world's first accelerator appeared - Y Combinator, created in the USA by a group of private investors. The venture capital fund founded by Paul Graham at the Boulder Technology Incubator was the first company to offer short-term training programs and a seed investment system instead of long-term patronage of startups.
How does the accelerator affect the work of the road industry?
First of all, this is the introduction of new and more environmentally friendly technologies and methods for the reconstruction and construction of roads. The accelerator contributes to a deeper understanding of the workings of the road industry, which plays an important role in ensuring safe and high-quality road systems.
What is the accelerator program?

A startup accelerator is a short-term (usually 3-6 months) acceleration programs for the development of projects and ideas at an early stage, which are aimed at accelerating the development and testing the viability of an idea proposed by a startup on the market. These are also free programs to develop corporate employees' skills in working with innovations and start-ups, which include seminars and trainings on topics such as the basics of entrepreneurship, flexible approaches (agile methods) to product development, rapid prototyping, etc. At these events, accelerators invite representatives of successful startups to share their knowledge and experience with corporate employees.
What benefits do program participants have ?
First of all, participants have the opportunity to search for creative ideas for the development of their startup.
The accelerator acts as a catalyst, helping to translate ideas into large commercial projects, making them competitive in the global market.
In addition, during the implementation of the project, participants get access to the latest technological models of the road industry
The benefits also include:
- Search for potential clients
- PR and promotion
- Expert review
- Possibility of approbation
- Recommendation for funding
- Interaction with direct customers
- Opportunity to become a partner of the Skolkovo Foundation
- Ability to train employees to work with innovative projects and use effective product development techniques
terms and duration of participation in the program
The accelerator program starts in January. The duration of the program is 2 months.
From September to November, projects are selected (you can apply for participation in advance)
The selection steps include:
- Peer review, during which leading experts in the road industry evaluate projects based on applications
- Face-to-face selection - defense of projects in front of experts
- Next, the experts announce the results and put the results in a table, on the basis of which the projects are selected (usually 15 to 20 projects are taken for implementation and promotion)
Which startups are eligible for the accelerator program?
Both enterprises and university projects can take part in the accelerator program. Start-ups related to road construction materials, laboratory installations, the use of IT technologies, various technological projects, intelligent transport systems are suitable for participation.
Projects must correspond to the theme declared during the selection.

Terms of participation in the program
Projects should be aligned with to the theme declared during the selection.
University layouts must first pass certain laboratory tests
For companies, the condition is the availability of a layout, testing in laboratories, as well as a finished prototype.
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