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,, From the idea to the largest innovation project in the history of the road industry and artificial structures. Let's get inspired for business exploit"
What is an accelerator? History of creation
An accelerator is an innovative engine in the development of startups, an impetus for a product to enter the world markets, and its promotion among competitors.

Our success
What success have we achieved while working under the accelerator program?
Active reserach and new projects promotion
  • Promotion the transparency of the industry for potential partners
  • Promotion of the educational and scientific and technology potential of the road industry
  • Opening of new technological enterprises and assistance in the reequipment of existing enterprises
  • Expert's network involvement expansion in industry development
  • Expanding of new and innovative technologies introduction, including the Register of New and Best Technologies, Materials and Technological Solutions for Reuse (RNNT).
« Fiber Optic Dynamic Weighing SystemReuse (RNNT). »
Optical fiber dynamic weighing system»

The fiber optic dynamic weighing system is -it's a complex of programs and sensing elements, which are located in the roadway. Thank to well-timed impulses, acquired signal is processed into digital form. After that scores of weight categories of a transport in motion are calculated. Fiber Bragg grating technology is being used as a sensitive element.

In 2021, we passed successful tests with the measurement of all necessary indicators (testing and calibrating a road pressure sensor, measuring axle load, diagnostics for exiting and returning a passenger to a car, converting pressure data into weight indicators). Testing showed the high efficiency of the sensor in solving the tasks.
«Unified State Information System for Ensuring Transport Security»
Weight and dimension control systems are responsible for monitoring the movement of vehicles on highways, as well as for identifying the facts of the movement of vehicles with excess weight and overall characteristics. At present, the system has been introduced on federal highways.
Advantages of «Unified State Information System for Ensuring Transport Security»:
- implementation of a centralized connection of "a hardware-software complex that provides measurement of the weight and size parameters of vehicles without reducing the speed of movement"of all types at a "single point"
- checking for the presence / absence of a special permit

- integration taking into account the issued special permits of FKU "Rosdormonitoring" and IS of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation "Web"

- information on cases of violation of the rules of travel and transportation of goods

- detection of an attempt to evade responsibility for traveling with excess
The latest software package for automated processing of large volumes of georadar scanning data of extended road network objects.

The technology is used at every stage of construction:

- at the design stage helps to justify design decisions

-in construction work - to perform a total control of the thickness of the structural layers and the uniformity of the properties of materials

- at the stage of operation - to obtain an objective assessment of the state of the road and justify the types of road works
Which projects are we going to develope in future?
Projects offering various additives for road construction "ElastDor", "UltraDor", "Recyclizate", "Synthetic asphaltite", "UltraDor" have reached an agreement on approbation on the technical sections of the M12 highway under the agreement between Avtodor and FAU "ROSDORNII"
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Currently, accelerators are gaining great popularity in the development of start-ups, creative ideas and enterprises. When creating a product, we care not only about quality, but also about the ecology of our planet. Currently, the accelerator project includes experts and scientists from different parts of the world who are fighting together for our common future. The main advantage of the accelerator is the opportunity to participate on favorable terms for you. Together we will be able to create a profitable and efficient business and further develop our skills and creative qualities.
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